A COVID-19 Impact; Staff Scheduling Problem in Healthcare Facilities

The exponential increase of the ongoing pandemic has strengthened its hold among different regions of the world and with this there arises a dire need of health care workers especially nurses and assisting staff who constitute most of the staff. These workers are battling on the front lines of COVID-19 and it is important that […]

From “Office Workspace” to “Work From Home” – Video Conferencing Solutions

As the novel coronavirus outbreak escalated into a world threatening pandemic, businesses are quickly adapting to the changing needs of their employees, customers and suppliers, while confronting with the profound financial and operational difficulties. To keep the business on track during this uncertain time, companies are now focusing to find new ways to help their […]

A COVID-19 Impact – Aircraft Parking, Maintenance & Utilisation; Optimization

The clear blue skies for good and bad reasons these days, are presenting an unprecedented challenge for the airlines worldwide due to COVID-19 pandemic. The global spreading of COVID-19 disease has really devastated the aviation industry. The worldwide passenger travel demand has dropped 95% compared to last year, whereas the number of scheduled flight departures […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Marathon and Overcoming Supply-Chain Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to healthcare systems that will likely extend for months and perhaps even years to come. Currently, there are more than 30 vaccines against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are in different stages of development and a few are going to trial stages in worldwide including India. The research and […]

A COVID-19 Outbreak; Challenges & Solution in Transportation

Today the industry is leveraging the amalgamation of Operational Research and Analytics to dynamically adapt to the current world revolving around data with more flexibility and adaptability, optimised for as many constraints and objectives put forward. Businesses today are looking for advanced analytical and data driven decisions to Garner insights which are then transformed into […]

A COVID-19 Impact; Healthcare Fraud Prevention using Artificial Intelligence

The COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to healthcare systems that will likely extend for months and perhaps even years to come. More than ever, hospitals and other medical facilities need to focus their resources on healing the sick and avoid getting bogged down by administrative costs and inefficiencies. This brings a longstanding challenge to the fore; […]

A COVID-19 Outburst; Shortages of Healthcare Professionals

There is a sense of alarm among healthcare professionals across world as the country hunkers down in wait for what many believe will be a tsunami of coronavirus cases. As COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease, hospital-related transmission of the virus is still a very large threat to health-care workers, and nurses are at the […]

A COVID-19 Outbreak; Supply Chain Dilemma

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak is unprecedented in its scale and severity for humans and supply chains, not to mention medical professionals and governments scrambling to contain it. Supply chain management is a general process for managing flow of goods and services including processes that transforms raw materials into final products. Operations Research approaches […]

A COVID-19 Business Impact; Demand Variations of Essential Items

In the recent COVID-19 outbreak, a severe retailing problem is the shortage of certain essential items, e.g., facial masks, sanitisers in Eastern countries and toilet papers in Western countries. This reflects the cultural difference and thus social behaviour difference, which can be integrated in decision-making models considered before for all types of problems. This unprecedented […]

A COVID-19 Impact; Future of Supply Chain & Logistics

The COVID-19 has interrupted commercial activities ranging from product creation to sales. Countries around the world have temporarily closed factories to enable their employees to stay home and limit the virus’s spread. This has led to reduced inventory production in many sectors, and the resulting shortages have been felt in many industries, including that of medical […]

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