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Concorde Eye PLC has been founded by seasoned professional, comprising 34 years of experience with primary focus on the Decision Optimization, Pricing and Revenue Optimization Science across various domains.

Concorde Eye PLC offers consulting services to better manage revenue in different industries by incorporating science, technology, and best practices. We provide world leading consulting services into Decision Optimization (Using Optimization Solvers such as IBM ILOG CPLEX, Gurobi, XPRESS, LINGO etc.), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics (Using IBM Watson, Python, R etc.) and Blockchain technologies.

We have conducted several consulting engagements with clients all over the world. Our strength is bringing the combined knowledge of our global team to clients using a hands-on customized approach. We continue to learn and share insights into many aspects of best-in-class pricing strategies and tactics. Whether your business is a multinational enterprise or a small regional business, we believe that understanding what customers value, is the key to your success.

Each of our customer is unique and every customer engagement is approached based on a particular customer need, business opportunity and risk with recommendations, tools, and solutions that address each customer’s definitive business need.

Implement and scale Deep Tech products borne out of Decision Optimization Science Research.

Providing customised solutions by using Decision Optimization / Data Science algorithms to solve the business problem having any number of business constraints, in the limited timeframe. Unlocking the maximum value by helping customers to apply constraints, requirements and trade-offs to achieve long term and short-term revenue objectives.

Consulting Services

Sales, Marketing & Product Strategy
Decision Optimization

Enabling customers in aviation, commerce, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, government and other highly data intensive industries to make better decision and to achieve business objectives.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Deep Learning

Enabling AI, ML and DL based data monetization capabilities, and BOTs for B2B.

Data Analytics

Helping customers in exploring both autonomous or semi-Autonomous data or content using sophisticated techniques and tools, normally beyond those of traditional business intelligence (BI), to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.


Operational Research
  •   Routing Optimization
  •   Resource/Manpower Planning
  •   Supply Chain & Logistics
  •   Warehouse Optimization

Advanced Analytics Solution
  •   Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Deep Learning Modelling & Platform
  •   AI Powered BOT (Business Assistant) providing B2B actionable analytics & insights across all industries
  •   Anomaly detection with Machine Learning
  •   Predictive & Prescriptive Modelling
Blockchain & Technology
  •   Security Fraud Detection
  •   Smart Contract
  •   Crypto Payment Solutions
  •   AI & ML Powered Data Monetisation Platform
  •   VMware & Cloud Solutions


What Clients Says?


  •   Passenger O&D Forecasting & Optimization
  •   IATA NDC Enabled E-Commerce & Merchandising Platform
  •   Group Revenue Optimization
  •   Airport and Crew Resource Planning
  •   Aircraft Maintenance
  •   BIDT, Fare Audit & Revenue Integrity
Hospitality & Supply Chain
  •   Network Optimization
  •   Car Rental
  •   Cruise Demand
  •   Hotel Revenue Management
  •   I/O Supply Chain

Manufacturing & Retail
  •   Vendor Bid Selection
  •   Manufacturing Supply Chain Optimization
  •   Truck Routing Planning
  •   Supplier Point of Sale Management

  •   Outpatient Flow Optimization
  •   Nurse Schedule Planning (NSP)
  •   Material Flow Optimization
  •   Resource Optimization - Operating Rooms, Surgeons


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